Quinde Flowers Inc.

Ecuadorian Flowers

We are a company established in the USA, we are associated with the best flower producers in Ecuador (South America), so that you have at your disposal the best roses in the world.

Remember that when the Andes are crossed by the plantations of Ecuadorian Flowers, are located more than 3.000 meters above sea level, and being the center of the planet receive more sun rays, is equal at higher luminosity, these factors result in a rose with longer duration after the cut, large button, strong stems, intense color and wonderful aromas.

We bring directly to you a product that demonstrates your best qualities reflected in a flower, the best flower in the world.

The associated companies guarantee us good environmental practices, friendly to the environment, as well as a free trade, where they do not use child labor under any concept or that is outside the labor regulations.

"This is Love and Feeling"